More patients doesn’t mean more money so let us review both patient and non-patient facing processes to create a plan to improve your profitability

Website Review


A review of your website will help us advise if your website is complaint, mobile friendly, easy to navigate and engaging your patients. 

Patient Journey Assessment

We analyse the path your patients embark on from first contact to treatment completion to help you reduce the number of patients lost in the journey.

Profitability Review


Evaluating your fees and cost base to ensure you’re not undervaluing your services nor providing services which are impacting the profitability of your surgery. 

The range of operational and clinical experience we possess allows us to take a holistic view of your processes to ensure you are offering the best patient journey and care whilst ensuring you are doing it profitability to grow your business. 


We check your collateral, both print and digital, to ensure your patient facing message is engaging your patients and showing them the very best of what you have to offer. 


At the end of each assignment, you will be provided with a report of our findings with solutions and our expertise to help you execute the recommendations. 

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Logo & Brand Design

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Our Prices

Every job is inherently different and the below gives an indication of our pricing structure but it’s best to speak to a member of the team so we can give you a personalised price based on your exact requirements

Website Review


  • Content evaluation
  • Mobile assessment
  • Ease of use analysis
  • Report of findings
  • List of suggestions


Patient Journey Review


  • Online patient journey
  • Reception call handling
  • Mystery shop of practice
  • Report of findings
  • List of suggestions


Practice Review


  • Treatment fee analysis
  • Patient Journey review
  • Cost base analysis
  • Identification of opportunities
  • Report of findings & suggestions