Dental Marketeers? Really? Another One?

Welcome to our web page and to our blog. We thought it’s properly best to start with a quick intro and answer the question that we know a lot are thinking “Dental Marketeers? Really? Another One?”


So, who are we….? The sign above the door is “Smile Marketing & Consultancy” and we are a diverse group of individuals who have all worked in the dental industry for quite a while. Our team includes a dedicated web designer, dedicated social media marketeer and content creator, a dedicated photographer & videographer, business development and project managers who have managed dental practices for over a decade. The team is led be a dentist and a dental business consult who alone have over two decades of experience between them in dentistry. 


What we bring is the experience of working in both independent and corporate settings, experience of working both on the front line in practices and behind the scenes in the large head offices. It means that with the number of practices, dentists, specialists, suppliers and systems we have worked with, we have probably seen it all. 


Our holistic approach means we have a detailed and broad understanding of how to run a practice and how to run it efficiently to maximise your profit without compromising patient care. It means we don’t look at just throwing money in to campaigns or content without considering the bigger picture or the fundamentals in running a dental practice.


If you want to know more feel free to book a free consultation and sign up to our blog. Keep an eye out as we delve in to what we can offer to help your practice perform better than ever as we look past the pandemic. 


For now though enjoy your evening and look forward to seeing you again soon