Is Your Website Compliant Though?

Literally the first thing we look at is your website’s compliance. Everyone wants a nice website that patients love and generates leads but it’s all futile if it will end up falling foul of the regulators. The regulators are kind enough to tell us what they expect from us as well so it’s not the minefield many will have you believe. 


For now we will concentrate on the GDC and what they expect…

  • If you are mentioned on a website as a dental professional providing dental care then you must ensure BOTH your professional qualification (and the country in which the qualification was derived) and your GDC registration number are displayed
  • The name and geographical address at which the dental service is provided
  • Contact details of the dental service (including e-mail and telephone number)
  • The GDC’s address/contact details or easier still, a link to the GDC website
  • The practice’s complaints procedure and information of who patients contact if they’re not satisfied
  • The date the website was last updated


In addition to this there is an expectation that….

  • Information is current and accurate
  • Clear language is used that patients are likely to understand
  • Avoid ambiguous statements and provide facts to back up any claims
  • Don’t use statements that are likely to create unjustified expectations (basically don’t guarantee straight white teeth!)


Now there’s quite a bit to get through there but let’s be honest – they’re not asking for much are they… if you had to summarise it you could say the GDC expect you to be honest, not exaggerate any claims and give the patients the information they need so they know they are working with professionals in a professional setting.


Imagine our shock when dentists rush to marketeers and developers who don’t understand dentistry and, after spending 5 figures, end up with a sexy website that isn’t compliant…..


If you’re not sure about your website then get in touch with one of our team to find out how our detailed website review could help you. We certain it’s a smaller price to pay than not being compliant.