Logo and Brand Design

Fundamentally, a logo is a vital tool that not only introduces your brand but also tells it apart from others. Our team work with you to bring that brand to life

Logo Design

Effective logos will make you memorable and our team will work with you to create this vital part of your brand.

Animated Logos

Take it up a notch and animate your logos for the perfect intro/outro to any videos or posts you create.

Brand Design

Don’t overlook your brand design, it’ll ensure your brand is consistent & recognisable across all mediums.

Your starting point is to create a logo that makes you easily recognisable before creating a brand which is clean and consistent and gives your patients confidence in your skills and professionalism.

Your brand will dictate the look and feel of everything around you, be it your business card, website or the look and feel of your signage, surgeries and practice.

This is one of the most important and exciting parts of the journey and our team will be with you every step of the way to ensure its perfect. 

Animated logos are the new way to give your brand the WOW factor

Our experienced team can animate virtually any logo to help invoke emotion amongst your followers.

Animated logos increase memorability and brand awareness which, if done properly, will delight your patients.


Your audience will be left surprised and intrigued by an animated logo and adds a level of production professionalism you can’t achieve with just a static logo.

Have A Look at What We’ve Created

YP Dental

Logo & Brand Design

Dr Mirza

Logo & Brand Design

Our Prices

Every job is inherently different and the below gives an indication of our pricing structure but it’s best to speak to a member of the team so we can give you a personalised price based on your exact requirements

Brand & Logo Design


  • 5 logo concepts
  • Multiple colors of the final logo
  • Brand guideline PDF
  • Merchandise mockups

Logo Design


  • 3 logo concepts
  • Multiple colors of final logo
  • High res transparent files
  • Source files included

Content Creation


  • Branded content creation
  • Instagram profile created
  • 6 Instagram templates
  • Discounted monthly packages