Visual media is the most effective way of interacting with your patients and familiarising them with you, your practice and your services

Patient Testimonial Videos

A patients emotion, as they show off their new smile and describe the impact you’ve had on their lives, is one of the best tools to attract new patients.

Treatment Definition Videos

Videos are an engaging way for patients to digest information. Short clips answering common questions about cosmetic treatments is fast becoming the best way to educate patients.

Waiting Room TV Slideshows

Patients in your waiting room are already vested in their oral health so engage them with dynamic content on your waiting room TVs to reinforce what you offer.

Patient Journey Videos

Take a patient through a brief journey of what they can expect in practice to help alleviate their nerves and help make the environment more familiar before they even enter the practice. 

Clinician Introduction Videos

Replace the long biographies with videos to give your patients the chance to get to know you and your team before they attend the practice. 

Practice & Dentist Photoshoots

Our photographers will capture the perfect images of your team and practice to bring your digital and printed marketing to life without having to rely on stock images.


dental marketing

Having high-quality images help develop your practice’s visual image. Our dental photography includes individual and team photos, photos during treatment along with interior and exterior practice shots.


Having your own library of images means you are less reliant on stock images which you are more likely to see used on other dental websites.


Taking high quality ‘before and after’ images of your work are the best advertisement of your skills and expertise which you can then share on your website an social channels.

Are Patients in the Waiting Room Engaged?

So what can you share on your waiting room TV.

Practice hours and emergency contact details

Run through of the practice team

The services you offer

Videos from suppliers like Invisalign

Any special offers you are running

Video content is increasing in popularity

Video marketing allows you to deliver information in a quick, fun and digestible manner. Use it to convey your personality and make it more personal for your patients.

Whether you use it educate, inform or introduce - you will not find a better way to build a relationship with your patients before they’ve had the opportunity to meet you.

Our Prices

Every job is inherently different and the below gives an indication of our pricing structure but it’s best to speak to a member of the team so we can give you a personalised price based on your exact requirements



  • Staff profile pictures
  • Patient journey pictures
  • In surgery pictures
  • Interior/exterior practice images
  • Instagram/Facebook picture



  • Patient Journey
  • Dentist/staff interviews
  • Patient testimonials
  • Interior/exterior practice images
  • HD videos for Instagram/Facebook

Waiting Room Video


  • 10-minute video
  • Custom practice information included
  • Inclusion of 3rd party videos
  • Full 1080p HD
  • 2 USBs provided